The Vedic Vision

Om symbol"That which shines glorious above yonder heaven, above this world and above all others, large or small, is the same as that which shines within. It is tangible to all."

—Chandogya Upaniṣad 3.13.7

Shiva Nataraja

Time is the heartbeat and pulse that creates, sustains, and transforms our existence.

The creative expression of our life—its rhythm, tempo, coloring, and fragrance—is regulated according to the Dance of the Planets.

The freedom we all seek is the freedom to live our lives to our fullest capacity.

Jyotisha, or Vedic astrology, was developed by the seers of ancient India. Jyotisha, which is based in a theory of karma, is not, as many mistake it to be, a theory of predetermination.

Instead, Jyotisha creates a context by which we can be open to our responsibility and our power to affect the future course of our lives. The greatest gift available to anyone is self-understanding, self knowledge, and freedom from self-limiting beliefs. Through a proper understanding of karma, the astrologer is able to shine a light on the interplay between human destiny and free will.

Jyotisha acts as a guide, inspiring us to live our fullness with honesty, compassion, courage and creativity. Astrological counseling helps create the self-acceptance that empowers us to live authentically by embracing both our human dignity and vulnerability.

Many people suffer from fears and anxieties about not being good enough as they are. Unwarranted self-criticism and judgment bind and restrict personal freedom and expression. Becoming "better than I am" is an endless proposition. The only solution is the freedom of authentic self-acceptance through self-knowledge.

This is the Vedic Vision.