Astrology Services

Using the methods of Vedic astrology and counseling, explore your questions, gain insight, and grow in the following areas:

In addition to natal horoscope readings, Dean also offers the following astrological services:

"You were very helpful in showing me some deep aspects of my personality that I had not been able to clearly see before. Your reading was very precise and accurate.

I was very glad I chose you to read my astrological chart, not only because you are a psychologist, which is a huge help in this subject, but because you are a compassionate human being. Besides that, you are a Vedanta student and by being so, you were able to give great help with regard to my spirituality. In my situation that was very relevant. I am very grateful to you and I hope many other people may be helped by you as I have been."

—Paulo V., acupuncturist and yoga teacher, Portugal

"The reading was artfully done with both respect for the individual as well as the traditions and philosophy tied to Vedic Astrology. It helped me better understand myself and my path to hear from a stranger—in great detail—patterns in my life that have determined both my struggles and achievements.  It was empowering to see these patterns as part of who I am rather than "problems" I need to change. 

After meeting with you I shared with my family parts of the reading and I feel it has enhanced my relationship with them.  My family is much more supportive in my pursuits, knowing I am only being true to my nature.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of insight and guidance in life. Thank you for all your hard work, energy and insight in reading my chart. 

—Gwendolyn, Wisconsin