About Dean

Throughout his career, Dean has integrated his passion for western psychology with the traditions, practices, and psychology of ancient India.

Dean entered college knowing he wanted to major in psychology. As a high school student, he already had spent years working at a local psychiatric hospital. So when he registered as a freshman for his psychology courses, he simultaneously registered for a course in Eastern Traditions. His first college term paper was specifically on Vedic traditions. For Dean, that was the beginning of the blending of the two glorious traditions of psychology and Veda.

Early in his career as a psychologist, Dean coordinated a treatment and research program at UW-Madison that used Yoga and meditation, combined with exercise and group therapy, for the treatment of depression. His PhD dissertation was on Yoga and psychotherapy. From the beginning, he has always integrated Vedic traditions into his counseling.

With his professional background in psychology, combined with his assimilation of Vedic traditions, Dean is able to help his clients see the role of psychological growth and maturity in spiritual pursuits. He does this with insight, compassion, and authority.

Dean helps people find the freedom they seek to live their lives with ever increasing creativity and courage. He does this by encouraging his clients to engage in self-enquiry.

The result of this increased self-knowledge is a sustained sense of overall well-being, personal integration, and the achievement of one's life goals.